If U Were Here, I’d Be Home Now #OffKilter2017 341

December 7th, 2017:

“If U Were Here, I’d Be Home Now” – Conrad Clifton, Russ Flynn

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Dear friend, 

I hope you are well. I am writing this to you not from the village but from miles away. I decided to take a trip to clear my head. I found out that this supposed informant was from our village. Did you think that was something I shouldn’t know? Do you think I am a spy or that I’m trying to bring down your sweet citadel? I’ve been thinking what your reason might be for keeping such information from me but I came up without any answer. So, tell me why? 

If you had told me he was from the village, do you think I would beg you to spare him? I know the citadel is your home now but I’m sure you know how proud the people of the village are. I wouldn’t beg for such. The man made a decision and he knew the consequences. Wait, is it guilt? Is it the guilt you feel when you hear him being tortured or the irritating smell of piss, blood, shit and tears? If you feel guilty that you have to torture a person that could be your brother or cousin or uncle, that is all on you. I’m sure you have ways of dealing with such in your citadel. 

I am going to stay here for a while but I hope to read your reply once I am home. I just want you to tell me why you would keep such from me; you owe me that.

Your friend. 

Israel Ekanem. 

I’m sure you know if
U were here, I’d be home now
But, damn it, you ain’t