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May 16th, 2018:

“Tiger Blood” – graves, MYRNE

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Anger is expensive.

Acting without thinking things through can cost more than one would be willing to pay.

Here are ten celebs lost their shit:

10. Christian Bale Loses His Shit On Terminator Salvation 

9. Tom Cruise Says Psychiatry Is Pseudoscience

8. Alec Baldwin Drops His Daughter The Shittiest Voicemail

7. David Hasselhoff Is Drunk

6. Casey Kasem – Dead Dog Rant

5. David O. Russell V Lily Tomlinson

4. Mel Gibson and his Ex

3. Bill O’ Reilly Goes Live

2. Michael Richards Shows He Is Racist

1. Charlie Sheen Has Tiger Blood

Israel Ekanem. 

Do not get tempted
To lose the plot for nothing
Even tiger blood