Small A #OffKilter2018 8

January 8th, 2018:

“Every Day With You Is Like A New Day” – We Sink, Craves

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It’s the small things that will bite you. 

A stunt coordinator told me a story of a stunt performer that has had fight scenes, jumped over cars, been hit by moving cars, been shot at, been set on fire and every time they walk out of the scene showing thumbs up to indicate all is well. However, one day, just walking to the parking lot, he didn’t notice a patch of ice so he stepped on it, slipped and hurt himself badly.

It’s the small things that will bite you.

When we have massive things to deal with, we are focused and honed in but the tiny things get overlooked when they should be treated just the same way if not with even more scrutiny. Since they are small, we might miss things if we don’t pay close attention. We shouldn’t ignore the tiny things and that includes the “tiny” gifts you get. Show appreciation. Always.

Israel Ekanem. 

I see all you do
Even when it’s a Small A
I appreciate it