Shapes #OffKilter2018 163

June 12th, 2018:

“Shapes When I Close My Eyes” – Karma Kid, Ten Ven, Demo Taped

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Daydreaming feels great. 

We get to see something amazing but it ends there if we don’t get to work to make that dream come true. Now it is a good idea to be reasonable. There’s no way you are going to lose 300 pounds in one month. There’s no way you are going to become Batman. However, there are other dreams that are reasonable and achievable. I bet you have those too. Get to work to make them come to life.

It won’t be easy but when you see that thing you dreamt of months ago come to fruition, it feels beautiful! I love it and I’m sure you do too. So go ahead and create those awesome shapes in your mind but be willing to work to make them real. It’s all up to you.

Israel Ekanem. 

When you close your eyes
Those shapes you see are not real
Wake up to real life