Some People Are Scared #OffKilter2017 337

December 3rd, 2017:

“Some People Are Scared” – Alicks

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Fear can stop you dead in your tracks. It is crippling and we have to deal with fears. There are different types of fears and people fear things that other people can’t get enough of. For instance, I have no idea why anyone would want to jump out of a plane. It scares the shit out of me yet there are people that have done hundreds of jumps or flying with wingsuits!

We usually can ignore fears or at least get out of the scene when fear arises. The issue comes when we have to face a fear. It could be because we have no other choice (it usually is the reason why we must face a fear). When I’m in such a situation, all I do is suck it up and face it. I remind myself that there’s no other way and that no matter the outcome, I will learn something new. It usually works out that way. Whether I get to my destination or not, I will learn something.

How do you handle your fears? And talking of fears, maybe I should try that jumping out of a plane thing soon. Not today though, not today.

Israel Ekanem. 

Some people are scared
Of what other people say
So they lose great things