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December 4th, 2017:

“Outside In” – Conrad Clifton

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If you aren’t part of something, keep your comments to yourself.

This is something I need to remind myself more often. I know I shouldn’t but from time to time, I catch myself doing that. It’s funny because whenever I do that, I almost have to end up swallowing my words. I realise that most times when people do that it is because it feels good. It makes one feel like they have some upper hand of some kind plus it sows a seed with a potential to say “I told you so” should it germinate.

Imagine you are standing outside a house and there is a particular object inside, or at least you think there is one there. However, you don’t bother going inside to check then you tell a friend about this object; one you have no idea what it looks like or if it is even situated where you think you said it was. Silly, right? Exactly. That is what we do when we make comments about things we aren’t part of or things we don’t have the full picture.

Ignore that raw side of you that wants to make a comment about everything. If you don’t have the full story, keep your comments to yourself and should you be asked to comment, give nothing but the bare minimum that gets your point across. Remember, you don’t have the full picture so shush.

Israel Ekanem. 

From the outside in
You don’t get the full picture
So, make no comments