Our Lives #OffKilter2018 102

April 12th, 2018:

“Our Lives” – Haan808, Sango

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Live your life for you. 

Parents sometimes force kids to live their lives for them. The parent might have wanted to be something but for whatever reason, they couldn’t so they end up pushing the kid to try it. There are times that might work out and the kid goes on to become great at that thing but it is a rare case. Usually, the poor kid is dying inside. There is something else they’d rather do but because it doesn’t align with the parent’s dream that gets pushed to the sideline or crushed.

If you do that to your child, take a break. At least ask the kid what they would love to know. Sure you might be older with more experience. Sure you might “know what is good for them” but you aren’t living their lives for them. They have to face life every day without you. Let them be. Let them live. If you really want them to try that thing, suggest it, let them try it at their pace. They might fall in love with it but if not, you need to learn to let go. Think back to when someone made you do something you couldn’t stand… Exactly!

Let them live their own lives.

Israel Ekanem.

Stop living for them
Cos we have our lives to live
Live the life you want