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December 6th, 2017:

“Do U …” – Conrad Clifton

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People don’t care about you that much.

There might be a side of you, that goes around wondering what people think about you. Thinking such thoughts might hold you back from being your true self which isn’t a good thing. Here are ten reasons why you should always be yourself and do you:

10. No One Cares That Much

No one cares so much to watch everything you do with a fine tooth comb. Sure, there might be people that look for times you misstep so they can feel good about themselves but that only means they have sad lives and yours is better so that is why they fixate. Most people just go about the day, living their lives. They do this because…

9. Everyone Has Their Cross

Everyone has shit they deal with so stop worrying about them fixating on you. The things you worry about might be things millions of others worry about. Everyone has their own issues, so focus on your and live your life, they will do same. Mostly.

8. We Can Build Better Relationships

The more you accept yourself and live your life, the more you attract real people. When you create a persona, anyone drawn to that isn’t drawn to the real you and the moment you drop that persona (which you will) do not be surprised if they move along, fast!

7. We Realise We Are Enough

I tell as many people as I can that they are enough. It doesn’t matter what life has thrown your way, as long as you are still here, you are enough. There’s no need to enhance yourself surgically or otherwise. Sure, it’s ok to improve or change things about yourself but only do it because YOU want to do it not because it is what you think others want you to do. You are enough.

6. Faking Is Hard Work

I took an acting class. It’s hard work and that is me pretending in front of people that know I am pretending and they are ok with it. Imagine doing that every single day of my life? That’s just too much work and I’m too lazy. I’d rather be me that put in so much work to be fake.

5. Increased Creativity

When you don’t worry about what others think, you can focus on doing the things you love and usually that shows up in creative ways. When you focus on being you, on doing you, you create more. It doesn’t have to be a painting or a book, creativity shows itself in many different ways.

4. Focus And Drive

We have enough focus to handle the things we have to and that’s it. If we divert that attention to something else, like say worrying what people think about us, we don’t have much left to focus on the job we have to do. When you do you, you are more focused and this will give you enough drive to do the things you need to do to build the life you want.

3. You Get Closer To Your Full Potential

As you focus more and your creativity increases, you aim closer to the full potential. Keep at it and don’t get sidetracked no matter what they say because they will say a lot.

2. Respect

There are people that might comment on how you live your life but you know what? They will respect you for living life on your terms. It isn’t that their respect matters but you’ll get it anyway.

1. We Are The Best Us

No one can outdo you in being you.

Israel Ekanem.

Why don’t you Do U
People will talk regardless
So do what you want