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The competitions team is always open to competitions ideas and if you have any or want to sponsor any get in touch with them:

#ConfessionFridays is one of the theme days and as the name suggests it’s all about confessing. The confessions that will make it to the homepage will be ANONYMOUS so don’t fret, your identity is safe. Think of #ConfessionFridays as the your session with your shrink or your priest or that one friend you know will never judge but will listen and give advice or not. There might be comments on the confessions but don’t stress. Understand this: Confessing is good for your core. It’s like deleting your hard drive to get more storage space. Oh I went on a rant there; to have your confessions put up, just send an email to:

Thank you again for being such an amazing friend.

Stay Unfuckwittable
Israel Ekanem. 

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