Can You Hear Me #OffKilter2018 69

March 10th, 2018:

“Can You Hear Me” – Burex

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Dear friend,

I love you. 

Can you hear me when I look at the stars and whisper your name at night? I know you must be away on one of your many missions but when you read this, know that you matter to me. I think of you a lot and try to come up with what your current mission could be. I sometimes think you are out on the hunt with your prince or you are out in some faraway land trying to form an alliance with them. It could be that you are off to fight some neighbouring town or rescue another helpless victim. 

Whatever it is you are working on, you should always know at the back of your mind that someone is thinking of you, a lot. 

I love you. 

Israel Ekanem. 

I would like to know
When I am talking to you
Can you hear me well?