Give Me A Try #OffKilter2017 347 #Top10Wednesdays 154

December 13th, 2017:

“Just Try Me… ” – Immortal Beats

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Always #OffKilter2017 346

December 12th, 2017:

“You Are Always Welcome Back In…” – Jerome LOL, Sara Z

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Dear friend,

I hope this gets to you before you reply my previous letter. I want to apologise for writing that. I was upset and I didn’t think things through. Of course, you had no choice when it came to the terrorist. It is your job to keep your city safe and as much as I wish you could tell me more about things, you told me more than most people will ever know. I appreciate that. 

I know the tone of my last letter might suggest that you don’t matter to me but it was anger speaking. I appreciate how open you’ve been with me. I’ve learned so much about the citadel thanks to you and these are things I would have never known if you weren’t there now. I am grateful. 

I can’t remember if I said you should never come home or you should never visit me but if I did say that, you know that isn’t true. The village is your home, no matter how high up you might be over there and you are always welcome back home. I’m always here waiting to see you. 

I am sorry for that last letter. I need to learn that talking or writing a letter when I am upset might not be the best approach. I will do better. 

I love you. 

Your friend. 

Israel Ekanem. 

I know you will leave
But I’m always here for you
Never forget that

Leave Me Alone #OffKilter2017 345

December 11th, 2017:

“…Go Away, Leave Me Alone” – KAYTRANADA, Shay Lia

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Obsessive Tendencies #OffKilter2017 344

December 10th, 2017:

“Obsessive Tendencies” – Conrad Clifton

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Audition Subtraction #OffKilter2017 343

December 9th, 2017:

“Audition Subtraction” – Conrad Clifton

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